There's a very hot event in Lost Ark right now, The Express Mission event starts on April 21st and runs until June 30th, so I have plenty of time to level up my Tier 1 main or alt characters. And I was able to earn more Lost Ark Gold from it.

The Lost Ark Express Mission Event will be great for me, because I want to reach higher item levels and don’t want to spend the time grinding. We still have a lot of dungeons to run, and we still have to perform some daily quests, but it’s a lot less than the usual endgame routine, and we also can get more Lost Ark Gold.

Every Lost Ark player can choose a character to take part in. This character needs to be over level 50 and no higher than level 1000. I want to go further in this event, so I choose professional IGGM. It has the safest Lost Ark Gold and it has great deals right now, plus 6% free gold with every order. I was also able to get a lot of guides on it, very useful!